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Two minutes, every day, is all it takes for me to stay abreast of what’s happening with water in Florida. And now with the Pro Edition, I can even stay abreast of water news from throughout the country. Florida Water Daily is my go to source for what’s happening in water.
Tom Singleton
Thomas L. Singleton Consulting
My day starts with reading Florida Water Daily. It keeps me up to date with all things water in the state. I have successfully won projects listed in the daily RFP/Q opportunities, which might have slipped through the cracks on other sites without extensive searching. It’s a great source of information for any practicing hydrogeologist.
Michael Alfieri, PG
I’ve found the Hydrologic Network to be a valuable clearing house of information for the water industry. Whether it’s the newspaper and web articles related to subjects I’m interested in personally, or topics related to clients or potential clients, I always look forward to seeing the daily e-mail to be able to read the hot topics of the day. I would recommend the Hydrologic Network to anyone who’s interested in water-related news, both personally and professionally.
Bartt Booz, PE
In my 30 plus year career, I have found The Florida Water Daily to be the most effective and efficient means to keep up with what is happening with the field water resource management. There have been countless instances where information from the Daily has benefited my everyday professional life. Those that are not subscribing to the Daily are missing out on a fantastic resource.
Mike Britt, PE
City of Winter Haven
Florida Water Daily is valuable to me because it keeps me up to date on current events and projects happening in Florida. It provides information in an easy to use format that saves me time.
Thomas Freeman
Connect Consulting, Inc.
Florida Water Daily is valuable to me because it provides me with a unique daily snap shot of current news topics, upcoming water events as well as water-related RFP’s directly related to my day-to-day functions. Before this effective tool became available, I had to perform multiple searches and queries to gather the same information.
Lisa M. Wilson-Davis
City of Boca Raton
Being a consulting engineer it’s important to understand the key issues that my existing and perspective clients around the State are dealing with. Florida Water Daily provides me with a single source of daily information from around the State that allows me to stay on top of these issues. It’s a fast and reliable source of information that I read every morning.
Dennis Davis, PE
I look forward to the 7:00 AM “push” of water knowledge each weekday. Without exception there is a tidbit of information that applies to my areas of interest and usually you are the first to send the link.
Thomas A. Herbert, PG
Lampl Herbert Consultants, Inc.
Florida Water Daily provides a quick and comprehensive review of water related news and issues around the state. It is one of the most focused and useful news services I have encountered for my company’s interests.
Kirk Martin, PG
Water Science Associates