What is the Hydrologic Network

The Hydrologic Network was created to connect professionals in the water industry with their next opportunity. That includes your next project, job, networking event, training course, or volunteer opportunity. The water industry is incredibly dynamic, with new opportunities popping up every day. Every business day, we scan thousands of information sources to compile our state-by-state daily newsletters. We deliver the latest headlines, jobs, bids, and more to your inbox before 7am. Don't miss your next bid, job, or event by signing up for our free daily newsletters now! 

Who Runs the Hydrologic Network

The Hydrologic Network is owned and operated by Jim Tully. Jim has a passion for learning new skills and for creating a sustainable water resources industry. He created the Hydrologic Network as a way to share his passions with other water industry professionals. 

Before starting the Hydrologic Network, Jim was a consulting engineer and hydrogeologist for clients across Florida. He worked on water supply wells, wastewater pump stations, watershed models and a variety of other water projects for his clients. He is a licensed engineer and geologist in Florida.  When he’s not working, he is spending time with his wife and four children at their home in Polk County, Florida. Click here to connect with Jim

Use the player below to watch an introduction video from Jim.

How Does the Hydrologic Network Make Money

Many of our services are free to use. If you're just interested in daily headlines or job postings in your state, you're welcome to enjoy our free email service. The Hydrologic Network also offers premium services for our Pro members, including daily bid opportunities and our events calendar. Pro memberships start at $5/month. Click here for more information.

The Hydrologic Network also accepts advertisers for our dialy newsletters. If you're interested in advertising on the Hydrologic Network, please send us an email.

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