Welcome to the Hydrologic Network

Greetings! Thank’s for visiting the Hydrologic Network. Let me explain…

My name is Jim Tully and I created the Hydrologic Network to explore two of my passions: water resources and technology. I worked as a consulting engineer and hydrogeologist for 9 years before I decided to try something different in early 2015. My first post-consulting project was called Florida Water Daily, an online newsletter for water professionals in Florida. I pulled together news, job postings, bids, and upcoming events and put them into a website and daily email.  I received a very positive response, reaching 1,400 subscribers in my first year.

In January 2017, I launched the Hydrologic Network with the following goals:

  • Continue the success of Florida Water Daily. The daily newsletter is now a service of the Hydrologic Network.
  • Expand the state-by-state daily newsletters across the country. The Hydrologic Network is launching with three daily newsletters – Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. My goal is to expand to a new state each week and cover all 50 states by the end of 2017.
  • Add New Features to make the site More Valuable for Water Professionals. I hope to identify and create new features for the site that will help Water Professionals across the country do their job better. Update as of April 2017: The Hydrologic Network now includes an Events Calendar.

You might be wondering: How does the Hydrologic Network make money?

The Hydrologic Network is wholly-owned by Florida Water Daily, LLC, which is owned by me (Jim Tully). The Hydrologic Network generates revenue by the following methods:

  • Pro Accounts. If you enjoy daily updates on the water resources industry in your state, I have created some features that are available exclusively for subscribers to our Pro account: a premium daily email with direct links to articles, job posts, etc.; and daily updates on water-related bid opportunities in your state. If you’re interested, click here to subscribe. You can try a Pro account for free for 30 days. After your free trial, the cost is $5/month.
  • Advertising. Most of our news and job posts will include some banner and/or text based ads. I will do my best to make these ads relevant and non-obtrusive. These ads are served automatically from Google’s AdSense program. I don’t choose these ads, but I do have some ability to block offensive or irrelevant ads. If you see an ad that seems out of place, please let me know. I also work with advertisers directly to sponsor our daily emails. If you’re interested in sponsoring the daily emails in your state (or others), please let me know.
  • Affiliate marketing. I will occasionally link to an external website where you can purchase something. For example, I may discuss a book or tool that is available for sale on Amazon. The link to Amazon will include a special code that is linked to my account and Amazon will credit my account if you make a purchase after clicking on my link. I will do my best to always disclose when a link to an external page will benefit me financially. Similarly, I participate in the Publisher Program from Indeed.com, and links from the Hydrologic Network job posts to Indeed.com include a code for my account. Clicking through to Indeed.com from my job posts my generate revenue for the Hydrologic Network.

I’m excited for 2017 and I hope you are too. If you enjoy the Hydrologic Network, please consider signing up for a pro account. Thanks for reading!